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Miniature Tardis

A knitted stitch marker.

Article mis en ligne le 6 octobre 2014
dernière modification le 7 octobre 2014

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Show your nerdery with this marker that is a miniature of the time machine Tardis.

Tardis miniatureThis stitch marker has the shape and the colour of the well known time machine. It takes a few minutes to be made and two (small) scraps of yarn. You can finish it by a ring or a clasp if you want to use it to crochet.

It needs less than 30 meters of the blue yarn and something like 50 cm of the white yarn !

It is a perfect last minute small gift for a geek.

The pattern has only one page, you can download a pdf or an epub files and it exists in English, French ad Spanish.

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flèche Voir aussi : The page of Magic Needles on the stitch markers (in French).

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