How to customize basic row counters

Beaded chain for a row counter

Most of “basic” row-counter can’t be easily used with DPNs or when you knit it the round with DPNs or circular needles.

I adapted mine adding a “beaded chain”, then I can pin my row-counter on my knitting.


You will need :

  • Row-counter for straights needles
  • Beading thread or wire
  • Seed beads
  • Crimpbeads
  • Jewellery pliers
  • Safety pin.

How to make


Thread a part of the seed beads and make a buckle. Put the two parts of the two parts of the thread in one or two crimpbeads (in grey). Block it. The first part is finish.

Now thread the others beads. Pass this “chain” (see the diagram for more help) :

  • in the hole of the row-counter,
  • in the buckle
  • in one or two crimbeads
  • in the bottom of the safety pin.
  • Pass the thread again in the crimbeads. Block it.
Tutorial customize a row-counter

It’s done.