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A character form BBC Television for children.

Article mis en ligne le 30 novembre 2014
dernière modification le 28 février 2015

The Clangers was a children program of the BBC Television for children in the ’70. The BBC sent out to any viewers who wrote in the pattern that was written with a typewriter (and not that easy to read after all these years).

Clanger, un personnage de la BBC Television pour enfantsThe file is the copy of the three sheets with the pictures that I redesigned. It is in English and in French in two columns.

I didn’t knit the pattern yet but it seems to be easy to make. The character is a kind of pink anteater with clothes made of big brown pieces.

You will need : yarn and matched knitting needles, stuffing, two eyes (the original are shiny shoe buttons), black and brown felt, pipe-cleaners, cardboard and your sewing notion.