Article published on 27 May 2018
last modification on 25 May 2018
Section : Charts
Article published on 23 May 2018
last modification on 20 May 2018
Section : Charts
Article published on 20 May 2018
Section : Charts
Article published on 8 May 2018
Section : Charts

An intarsia chart.

Article published on 14 March 2018
Section : Knitting Patterns

It will take you a few minutes to make.

Article published on 15 February 2018
last modification on 5 February 2018
Section : Charts

An alphabet with letters and numbers on 5 rows.

<span lang='fr'>Alphabet digit</span>
Article published on 10 November 2017
Section : Magic Needles

English part of Aiguilles magiques

1 skein for easy
The purple flying squirrel
Article published on 14 September 2017
Section : Knitting Patterns

A small flying squirrel easy ot knit.

SPIP is my favourite CMS préféré (link in French) whose mascot is a flying squirrel. It is also the name of the pretty grumpy squirrel of the Franco-Belgian comics Spirou (Éditions Dupuis).

Article published on 17 April 2017
Section : Finished!

A top easy and fast made.

The second part of my sewing adventures with a pareo. It eventually seems that I bought a lot of pareos ages ago.

Túnica azul
Article published on 2 February 2017
Section : Discoveries

A recipe without words.

Split pea soup
Article published on 18 November 2016
Section : Knitting Patterns

A pattern that has not right and wrong side.

A Kind of Waffle Stitch


What To Do With a Pareo #2
on 17 April 2017 by ID
Split Pea Soup
on 2 February 2017 by ID
Robot Instructables
on 4 October 2016 by ID
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