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Miniature Knitted Light Sabre

Leftovers, straw and a few time (and your needles). You won’t need no more to make it.

Sabre-laser en tricot miniature

I made it for the little yoda mouse, a free Phoenixknits’ pattern. I thought it was more funny to make a bigger sabre than the little thing she called for in the pattern.

The idea : you cut a plastic straw to the size you want.

You cast on some stitches and you knit in the round. At least, you knit around the straw itself.

It is totally useless, but very useful to use you little remnants from a previous project.

You will also need a set of three 3mm DPNs.

The English version is in page #3, so you have only to print (if necessary) one page.

Maitre Yoda souris
ID - Aiguilles magiques 2012