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Tête de loup (wolf’s head)

A fast and easy duster to make.

Article mis en ligne le 14 juin 2016

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Made on a crochet pattern, this little duster sit on the end of a broomstick.

Tête de loupIn French a « tête de loup » (wolf’s head) is a kind of broom used against spider web. This one was made on a crochet pattern by Suzeta Williams and it is an easy and fast pattern.

It is knitted flat in garter stitch in one piece. There is only two seaming : the one that « closes » the head end the one of the sides to make the tube.

The finish piece, knitted with 3 mm needles, is about 7 cm long without the loops and you will make it at the exact circumference of your broomstick. Also you can add exactly the number of loops you want to make it as denser as you want.

Only one page to print. The pattern exists in French (that came first), English and Spanish.

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