Sock blocker for tiny socks

Useless but very easy to make and free. You will make them in a wooden box of cheese.

Socks blockers are probably a knitter’s most useless tool. These one, to the size of tiny socks, are useless, too, except that they are a good way to show your tiny knitting.

Sock blocker for tiny socks
Five blockers with and without tiny socks.
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You need

  • A wooden box of cheese
  • Scissors
  • A pen or a pencil to draw the shape on the box
  • Sand paper (coarse and fine or very fine) or a nail file.
Stuff for blocker
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How to

Separate the bottom of the box from the side.

Remove the label.

Draw the pattern on the wood.

Pattern drawn on the box
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Carefully cut with scissors.

Shape cut
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Sand the edges.

You are done !