Homemade mask clips for masks

Having foggy glasses when we wear a cloth mask is not very pleasant. This problem can be solved with these up-cycled aluminium bars that you insert in the mask while you make it or sew afterwards.

An elegant solution to prevent fogging when wearing a fabric mask is to add a metal bar that, by taking the shape of the nose, prevents air from passing over it. These one are made only using up-cycled materials such as disposable aluminium trays.

The finished size is about 1 cm width and 12 to 14 long, depends of the size of you tray. You can do several bars in a tray. I made seven in a round tray.

Metal Bars
ID 2020

You will need

  • aluminium disposable tray
  • scissors
  • a tool to flatten the aluminium (I used a mending egg I had on hand, scissors wrists might do the trick)
  • sandpaper or a nail file to smooth the ends.

How to make

Cut the tray to flatten it.

Cut strips about 4 cm by 12 to 14 cm long. Flatten well.

Fold the ends towards the middle. Flatten.

Fold in half. Flatten.

Folding of the aluminium strip
ID 2020

Round off the ends with scissors and sandpaper to remove any burrs. Flatten well.

It is done!

Stripped masks
Both masks have an aluminium bar inserted in the top hem. Two vertical seams on the sides block the barrette.
ID 2020