Easter Paper Box

For Easter or any other period of the year if you want. This box is made of paper and cardboard.

A perforated box, rather easy to make, that only needs newspaper or junk journal, corrugated cardboard and cardboard from a cereal box or equivalent. You then can paint it or add any embellishment you wish. I prefer this look.

Egg Box
To of the finished box.
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  • Advertising brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc.;
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • a cereal box or equivalent [1] ;
  • a wooden skewer or a 3.5 mm needle, or any equivalent stick;
  • pen or pencil to draw the pattern;
  • white liquid glue;
  • tape;
  • knife, cutter, scissors;
  • 2 different round shapes, a bigger and a smaller (glass, cup, bottle, etc.) ;
  • clothespin or equivalent.

Making the mold

The mold is made of corrugated cardboard.

Drawing the egg

  1. Draw the contour of the bigger shape on the cardboard.
  2. Place the second shape on this circle, about half of it must be is the circle.
  3. Draw 2 lines to join the two circles. You have an oval, not perfect, but good for our purpose.
How to easily draw an egg
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The mold

Cut the oval shape you just made. Use it as a pattern to make a second one.

Cut rectangles of cardboard, glue them together, then between each oval shape to give some thickness to the box.

Tape these shapes, the cardboard inside. Wrap it with tape if it is pretty small (here, about 10,5 cm × 8 cm × 3 cm). Plastic might be better for a really big box.

The Mold
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The mold is done!

The box

The box before cutting
Profile of the box showing the two straws that mark the cut.
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Make paper straws, see the tutorial on the basket made of paper to know how to. Flatten them, distribute them on the mold, sticking them together.

Cutting area of the box: on the side, glue two fairly close straws.

When everything is perfectly dried, cut the side between the two straws. Trim the excess if necessary. Glue a straw on the inside border and on the top of the border of each half box.

The edge of the box
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In the cardboard of the cereal box, cut a strip a bit longer than the perimeter of the mold and to its thickness. Cover it with paper. Close this strip, glue it in one of the half box.

Paper Egg Box
Box finished and open.
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You are done![/rouge_anglais]