Not that blingbling

A knitted signature bag with cables.

Article published on 17 August 2014
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Handles made with knitted chains, cables, pockets in the inside, funny or cute details and a rigid bottom for this probably knitting bag.

I made it a bit shorter than the pattern. Also, as I am totally unable to even understand French crochet language so do I in English-American crochet language, I did the flying key that I wanted to make since ages and I knitted the decorative thing of the lock. And, yes, I was afraid of knitting a bunch of little icord to make the chains : I took my mechanical French Loom and I make a long icord with it, I had just to cut in pieces to make the chain.

The buttons of the bottom are sewn to the knitted bottom and to the piece of plastic mat that I used to make it more rigid.

And I added, for a more blingbling touch a brownie to the zipper and a knitted piece to the beginning of the zipper for a best finishing.

Oh and I didn’t read the instructions for the lining, I did what I wanted to do.

P.S. :

The pattern of the bag can be bought on Ravelry, the pattern of the flying key is also on Ravelry but for free.

The bag:
The key: