A Christmas SPIP

Christmas bauble diorama like.

Article published on 26 August 2015
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A knitted squirrel in a knitted Christmas bauble. Obviously, the squirrel is the squirrel of SPIP !

It is a pattern by Loly Fuertes. She designed a series of dioramas with various miniatures. The finishing is very time consuming but not that difficult. The squirrel is 4,5 cm tall!

A Christmas SPIP
Diorama bauble with a squirrel.
ID - Aiguilles magiques 2015

Notes: I knitted the bauble, the legs of the squirrel and the acorn in the round. I made the trees sideway and embroidered the leaves with chain stitch and French knot.
I made a first bauble with the recommended needles, it was too small for the squirrel that is why I used 3.5 mm needles with a worsted yarn.

It is better to make the squirrel and the details before making the bauble, that way we can adapt it to the size of the décor.

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