Erica Scoparia: a Summer Scarf

An easy and fast to knit scarf.

Knitted with an eyelet stitch, this scarf is very easy to make and has been designed to use an entire 100 g ball of yarn. You will make it fast.

Material: 100 grammes of fingering yarn, 3.5 mm needles and a tapestry needle to weave the ends.

The size: about 20 cm large and something like 150 cm long. We cast of the scarf when the ball or the skein is finished.

A Roll of Scarf
This way, we see better the stitch.

Le nom : erica scoparia is the Latin name of a brush (in French we call it bruyère à balais, broom brush). I needed a name that began by a e, the stitch remind me of vaguely this plant and it is a bit witchy, that was I called this scarf Erica scoparia.

The pattern is given in pdf or in epub file. It has only one page to print if necessary.