Calculation for an adult sweater

A template of a spreadsheet with schemes that does all the maths you need to design your own pattern for knitting an adult sweater.

This spreadsheet will help you to create your own pattern of sweater for adult either by choosing a size, either by adding you own measures, either by mixing both. It also counts the amount of yarn needed, and there is a sheet in which you can document your knitting.

It only works for a basic adult sweater with straight arm holes and a crew-neck (or a turtle-neck), but you also can use it for a cardigan for example. You may have two kinds of data: by choosing a size or by adding your own measures. Each has a scheme that gives the rows, stitches and the measures in cm and in inches. It is based on metric system and converts the measures from it to US/imperial system. But there also is a sheet that converts form US/imperial system to metric.

You can export the spreadsheet in pdf file if you wish, or copy-paste it on a text file to write the pattern and then share your pattern, or publish and sale it if desired.

This template has been made with LibreOffice Calc. You can work it with Gnumeric; Excel [1] because it is an open format file. Like any other template of LibreOffice, you will need to save it as a template (Files > Template) then to use it: File > New > Template.

The sheet
Screens of the template showing the different sheets.

The How-to is on the first sheet, and it is very easy to use. I made the most complicated job.

You also can use:

Happy knitting.