The Hammock of Santa Claus

A Christmas Wreath.

Article published on 18 July 2016
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A good and versatile basis for your Christmas wreath.

I already did a wreath on this pattern (link in French) when the pattern was just released.

The wreath itself is a good basis and it is a surprisingly fast knit. you can do it bigger or smaller within the needles and yarns you choose and it is not necessary to measure it. The knitting is finished when the wreath forms a ring. Also, it does not require any special stuff to keep its shape (except the toy stuffing obviously).

The Hammock of Santa Claus
A rest before the hardest day of the year.

This time, I only knitted the bow, the baubles and the holy minus the berry that are wooden beads I had on hand. Santa Claus is from a bag I customized in 2009 (link in French). Most of the baubles are made with very little scraps that explains they are multicolour.

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