A Not Really Scary Ghost!

Knitted ghost!

Article published on 21 October 2014
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A little boy with a Halloween costume that does not scary with is small candy bag.

Till an excellent pattern by Phoeny.

As usual, the pattern is for a flat knit. But I knitted in the round the legs and the body. Also, she asks to wrap the chenille-arms with the yarn, I made tubes : 6 stitches and about 30 rows instead for neater result.

Not really Scary !

I also knitted the eyes instead of gluing two pieces of felt and I sewn them using chain stitch :

  • cast on 2 sts,
  • k,
  • p,
  • inc. 2 (4 sts),
  • 3 rows,
  • 2 x k2tog (2sts),
  • p, k2tog and cast of.

Not really Scary !

For the candy bag, instead of making ii in plain stitch and, the, gluing two pieces of felt for the pumpkin, I made it in stranded work using another pattern.

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