Skein bag
To protect and to transport your skeins

How to sew a little drawstring bag.

This bag can store a 100 gr skein, the needles and a little project. It can be use to knit socks, but also as a yarn bowl or a yarn box. If you make several, it will be easier to knit multi-coloured projects.

These pouches are simple rectangles folded on the lenght.

Skein bags

You will need:

  • fabrics, here I used pieces of 20cm (7.9“) and 22cm (8.7”) wide and 54cm (21.2“) and 56cm (22”) length, including the seam
  • 2 cords or ribbons for each bag. Approx. twice the wide of the pouch plus 10cm (4").
  • sewing tools: tape measure, pins, scissors, thread, marking chalk, sewing machine...
  • optional for the finishing touch: buttons, beads, charms.

How to make?

Cut the piece of fabrics.

  1. Fold it: right side on the right side
  2. Mark the stop of the seam with the marking chalk (or pins if you want), the ribbon will go throw this space. It is about 4cm (1.5“) from the top of the bag and 2cm (about 0.8”) height.
  3. Sew a zig-zag stitch, sew the sides.
  4. Make the hem of the top (2cm, 0.8"), don’t forget the “hole” for the passage of the cord
  5. Turn the bag on the right side, iron it and pass the first cord in the tunnel made by the hem. Do the same with the second cord in the other side.
  6. Make a knot (or a seam) on the ends of the cords to close them (see the photo).

A kind of pattern

Diagram of the bag

Ideas and improvements

You can make bags for giant skeins. Add charms...