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Article published on 1 January 2012
last modification on 7 September 2014

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Well, it is a bit part of this site and it will better than in Ravelry.

I dislike chocolate, flavoured tea, girly things and religious symbol and absolutely hate black and pink colours.

I’m quite obsessed by rainbows, Eiffel tower and dragons, but officially I don’t collect anything even I can’t resist to buy a thing with that (if the price is not expensive). Prefer silver to gold and lapis lazuli to diamond (I’ll never be rich, I think). My favourite drink is tea, Chinese green tea and smoked tea.

I only use circular needles and double point needles and I have an entire collection of both needles. I think I need no more.

P.S. :

if you do it yourself, I’ll appreciate more than if you buy it yourself.

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