What I made with the patterns by Phoeny.

The little things that I did with the designs by Phoenixknits. They are easy patterns, more easy that it looks and well written. Most of them can be knitted in the round if you want, even if the pattern is for a flat knit. Phoeny also offers free patterns, so you can try and discover her patterns..

Click on the icon «i» to know more on the photo, I generally added the name of the pattern.

Pattern: Mandrake Pattern: Mandrake Pattern: mascot house bats, free Patern : Christmas Wreath Pet Demon Pattern: Pet Triffid Pattern: Nordelph Pattern: Nordelph Pattern: Bell Elves Pattern: Bell Elves Pattern: Russet the pumpkin, free Pattern: Bell Elves Pattern : Dangly leg wizard mascot, free Pattern: Elfina Warrior Elf Pattern: Mystic Baubles Pattern: Bell Elves Pattern: Santa's Elf, free Pattern: Bell Elves Peek - a - boo - elf Mandrake Mousey pin cushion Pattern: Santa's Elf, free Pattern : Hippogryph, easy! Pattern: Mandrake Pattern: Witchypoo Pattern: May the mouse be with you, free Pattern: Cheeky Chicken, free Pattern, Knobby the ninja, free Pattern: Mystic Baubles Pattern: Santa's Elf, free Pattern: Cheeky Chicken, free Pattern: Dangly leg santa, free Pattern: Mystic Baubles Pattern: Monster book of monsters cover 2014 - Pattern: Bell Elves Pattern by Phoeny: Holly the Christmas mouse Snuggly snowman, more stitches, 3.5 mm needles. Here The Death is with his little partner The Death of Rats. Pattern of the Death : Grim Reaper Dude by Phoenixknits. Pattern by Phoenixnits on Ravelry. Knitted mandrake, a pattern by Phoenixknits. Knitted mandrake, a pattern by Phoenixknits Knitted Mandrake, a pttern by Pheonixknits
  • 29 November 2015: added a new mandrake
  • 21 October 2014: added A Not Really Sacry Ghost (Oooh scary trick or treat boy)
  • 13 October 2014: added The Death (Grim Reaper Dude)
  • 24 August 2014: added Toilet Snowman
  • 4 August 2014: added Olivia the mouse
  • 24 April 2014: added La Petite géante.