Gloves and mittens

Gloves and mittens

Article published on 18 April 2014
last modification on 24 October 2016

Gloves and mittens that I did and which patterns are not on this website, but including items made on tutorials of the site.

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Mittens for man Hand and machine knitted. Machine knitted. Turquoise et chc Matching socks Pattern by Lang Yarns Accessoires, in French Faux strips Only one as an ornament for a shop Mohair inconocido Pattern by Pingouin in French Silk and mohair... horizontal strips. Pattern by Bergère de France in French. Pattern by Pingouin, in French Made on the tutorial Knit your own mittens. Paris Mittens de Andrea Arbour, en anglais Dark green gloves in mohair. Mittens knitted in a variegated yarn.

August 18: added mittens Spinach.