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Article published on 17 April 2017
Section : Vêtements

A top easy and fast made.

The second part of my sewing adventures with a pareo. It eventually seems that I bought a lot of pareos ages ago.

Túnica azul
Article published on 2 February 2017
Section : Discoveries

A recipe without words.

Split pea soup
The purple flying squirrel
Article published on 27 December 2016
Section : Knitting Patterns

A small flying squirrel easy ot knit.

SPIP is my favourite CMS préféré (link in French) whose mascot is a flying squirrel. It is also the name of the pretty grumpy squirrel of the Franco-Belgian comics Spirou (Éditions Dupuis).

Article published on 18 November 2016
Section : Knitting Patterns

A pattern that has not right and wrong side.

A Kind of Waffle Stitch
Article published on 18 April 2014
dernière modification le 24 October 2016
Section : Gallery

Gloves and mittens

Gloves and mittens that I did and which patterns are not on this website, but including items made on tutorials of the site.

Gants banane, kiwi et arc-en-ciel
Article published on 4 October 2016
Section : Finished!

A square with the yellow and orange robot.

Robot Instructables
Article published on 7 August 2016
Section : Knitting Patterns

An easy and fast to knit scarf.

Knitted with an eyelet stitch, this scarf is very easy to make and has been designed to use an entire 100 g ball of yarn. You will make it fast.

A Roll of Scarf
A bunch of links
Article published on 19 July 2016
Section : Sewing tutorials

Links of sewing, knitting and crochet tutorials.

In Ravelry, the social network dedicated to knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers, in the thread show me your homemade project bags, please!, there are a lot of links to tutorials that I try to put in this post. I won’t add the books.

Article published on 18 July 2016
Section : Finished!

A Christmas Wreath.

A good and versatile basis for your Christmas wreath.

The Hammock of Santa Claus
Article published on 13 July 2016
Section : Knitting Patterns

A small knitted lama.

It only requires 30 gm of a skein plus some scraps for the pack. The finishing can be a bit difficult while the knitting is easy as usual with toys.

A profile of a lama


What To Do With a Pareo #2
on 17 April 2017 by ID
Split Pea Soup
on 2 February 2017 by ID
Robot Instructables
on 4 October 2016 by ID

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