Susan’s machines and my socks to be
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When I first post this note, it was exceptionally in French and in (very bad) English because I want Susan to be able to read it. I wish it will be better than an automatic translation.

This note is dedicated to Susan glory. Yes, I know she killed her socks, this a terrible crime. The socks she made in the video which have given me the idea to knit socks (not entirely) with my knitting machine. But she said she did not want this, so I think she can be excused. The washing machine is the second guilty of this sad story.

Tas de chaussettes

The knitted things on the photo are future socks, knee socks if you want precisions, knitted on my knitting machine. My first knitting machine, now I am waiting for the second one. The same model but for finer yarn. Since I have knitted these “socks”, I have understood how to make the heel. And I think I know how to make the toe like on the video [1]. Life is good ! I have no ribmaster, but still hands, fingers and needles, this could be an acceptable equivalent to knit the rib. I will knit them round. It will better !

Thank you very much Susan.

Notes :

[1The videos are no longer on line.

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